3D model download sites

Vault of 3D Models for use in your games, illustration, concept art, etc

Premium Sites

The following sites are mainly premium sites which either charge monthly subscription deals, or charge per item, but generally offer higher quality assets because of this.

TurboSquid - One of the largest online asset stores covering a wide range of categories.  There is a large difference in quality from the different content creators, but this is often reflected in the price.  Certification system makes it easier to sift the good from the bad, although these do tend to be more costly.

  • Categories:  people, cars, transport, electronics, architecture, furnishings
  • Price range: from free to $4,000 for a large collection of models.
  • Formats: most popular 3D formats supported

3docean - part of the envato.com suite of content sites, 3docean offers over 12,000 3D models across a number of categories.  Some very nice hand drawn game characters, environments and props as well as more realistic assets.

  • Categories: vehicles, architecture, furnishings, fantasy & fiction, weapons & armour, electronics
  • Price range: from free to $150
  • Formats: most popular packages supported, including - .3ds, .c4d, .fbx, .lwo, .max, .mb, .obj

FallingPixel - high quality 3D models including covering a wide range of categories.

  • Categories:  vehicles, architecture, anatomy, interiors, aircraft, electronics, plants
  • Price range: from free to $1,000.
  • Formats: 3ds, fbx, ma, max, obj, lwo, c4d, xsi

DesignConnected – over 4,000 high quality 3D models of beautiful furniture.  These models are aimed squarely at the architectural visualistion market and as such are all of a very high standard, both in terms of modelling detail and accuracy.  Due to the high poly nature of these assets they will generally be too high for most in game use, but could form the start of high poly bakes to transfer to lower poly versions.

  • Categories:  Architectural interior props and furniture.
  • Price:  Models are individually priced between approx 8 – 40 Euros, plus 130 free to download.
  • Formats: 3ds MAX 2010 or above, 3ds MAX and V-Ray, 3ds MAX and Mental Ray, Artlantis, Maya and Cinema 4D.

Unity Asset Store – When Unity changed the asset store to be accessible in a browser, it also opened up the store’s content to be used outside of Unity.  With nearly 5,000 3D models to choose from across categories such as: characters, vehicles, environments, props and plants.  Due to them being intended for use in Unity, the assets are supplied in FBX format, but as such they are easily imported into most 3D modelling programs.

  • Categories: characters, environments, props, vegetation, vehicles.
  • Price range: From free to a few hundred pounds (GBP) for large packs of items.
  • Formats:  .FBX

cgPeopleNetwork – have over 25,000 high quality, high poly 3D models on offer.

  • Categories: cars, weapons & armour, characters, architecte & interiors, aircraft, household.
  • Price range: 200 free models. $5 – $1750 for single models, $20 – $1000 for model packs.
  • Formats: .3ds, .max, .blend, .c4d, .dae, .X, .dxf, .lws, .lxo, .mb, .obj, .xsi, .fbx

NoneCG – 3D webstore.  NoneCG have assets listed on a number of other 3D stores, but buying them directly from here saves approx 20%.  Generally quite high quality as they only list assets created by their own artists.  They also accept commissions for modelling and animation on request.

  • Categories: architecture, characters, animals, packs, space.
  • Price range: No free assets.  From $15 – $995.
  • Formats: max, mb, c4d, lws, xsi, fbx, obj, 3ds.

CGTrader – Webstore listing a combination of CG models to use digitally, and 3D printed models.

  • Categories: Aircraft, Animals, Architectural Details, Architectural Exterior, Architectural Interior, Car, Character / Human, Electronics, Food, Furniture, Household, Industrial, Plant / Tree, Science / Medical, Space, Sport / Hobby, Vehicle, Watercraft, Weapon / Military.
  • Price range: nearly 3,000 free models.
  • Formats: Seems to be a limited number of formats, but primarily: Max & .Obj. plus .stl for 3D printing.

HUM3d – Large selection of good quality 3D models.

  • Categories: 11,000+ 3D models.  Lots of Vehicles, plus electronic, household items, architectural, weapons.  Lots of Vehicle blueprints.
  • Price range: from $10 – £100.  A car is typically $75.  They do custom assets too.  Prices not listed.
  • Formats: Cover pretty much all popular formats, plus Unity and UE4 packages.


Free Sites

The following sites either offer entirely free assets, or a large enough quantity of free assets to make it worth including.  The quality varies widely between these free assets, but there are some gems to be had.

TF3DM - Over 7,000 models to choose from.  Quality is a bit hit and miss, but for free you may just be surprised.  If you just need some props for the background of a render then this is not a bad place to start.

  • Categories: architecture, vehicles, nature, characters, animals and weapons.
  • Formats: 3DS, .MAX, .Blend, .Fbx and .OBJ, plus others.