Unreal Engine 4 now available for $19/month (+5%)

Unreal Engine 4 now available for $19/month (+5%)

On march 19th Epic took the bold step of releasing their new Unreal Engine 4 with a radically reduced pricing policy of only $19 / month plus 5% of revenues.  This opens up the power of UDK to everyone from individual developers and small indie teams right up to AAA studios who have traditionally being the only ones able to afford the previous hefty price tag.

Everything has been re-written from the ground up to make it faster and easier to use.  For your $19/month you get access to the Unreal Engine 4 in its entirety: the full suite of integrated tools, the features and the entire C++ source code, which includes code for the Unreal Editor and all the tools.

Membership includes official documentation, tutorials and support resources, plus tons of free UE4 content. Download free template games, sample games and content examples from the Marketplace to quickly get on your way to building all sorts of fun things!

The engine currently supports deployment to Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms out of the box.  If you want to deploy to consoles such as PS4 or xBox One you have to contact Epic to prove your are a registered developer for these companies.

Competition in the  3D engine market is really heating up recently, with this arguably being possibly the most disruptive move by any of the major engine creators.

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