Unity unveil details of V5

Unity unveil details of V5

Unity reveal details of its forthcoming Unity V5 features.  So what's different..?  Basically, Unity are offering a higher quality product across the board;

  • Physically-based shaders.
  • Cross platform Real-time Global Illumination including high-end mobile, desktop and consoles.
  • Improved audio.
  • A 64 bit editor.
  • One click Web GL deployment.
  • New PhysX 3.3 integration.
  • Speedtree support.
  • 2D Physics effectors.

Unity seem to be sticking to their existing pricing plans for their Pro offering, with either a one off payment of $1500 for a perpetual license, or a monthly subscription package.  This must be signed up top for at least 12 months and is cancelled as soon as you stop the payments.

At the minute Unity have not announced an official release date, but pre-orders are being taken now.

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